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Kia ora and welcome!

I'm Ngara, a proud New Zealand Maori Mama of two, currently basking in the vibrancy of Switzerland with occasional excursions to Norway. My passion lies in sharing the uplifting and healing power of sound and vibration. With the modalities of Biofield Tuning and Kunda Dance, infused with the energy of my Maori roots, I guide individuals on a profound journey of self-connection.

For 32 years, I explored the artistry of hairdressing, traveling the world and learning from incredible talents. From New York Fashion Week to L'oreal shows, I thrived on teamwork and connecting with people on a heart-to-heart level. But while I loved making them look beautiful outwardly, I yearned to help them shine their inner light and experience beauty in every fiber of their being. My purpose shifted towards facilitating healing, empowering individuals to shed away limitations and reveal their radiant essence.

The pandemic, like for many, became a time of learning and introspection. That's when I serendipitously encountered Eileen McKusick's book, "Tuning the Human Biofield," and Maya Fiennes' Kunda Dance. These resonated so deeply, I surrendered to my guides and embraced my new calling, fueled by my finally-resolved emotional, mental, and physical trauma.

Thus, "Electric Unity" was born amidst deep meditation. This ever-evolving concept offers a space for minds, bodies, and souls to unite on their unique journeys. Here, you can truly experience the pulsating vibrancy of an "electric life."

Are you ready to embark on this holistic exploration? Reach out for a chat – I'd love to hear about your journey and see if we can connect!

  • Qualified Biofield Tuning Practioner

Discovering Biofield Tuning as a tool for transformation ignited a second purpose within me – one filled with profound significance. Heartfelt thanks to Eileen McKusick and my Biofield Tuning instructors, particularly Suzanne Offurtt. Together, we're in service of healing, guided by both human skill and divine grace.

  • Qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Kunda Dance Teacher

Unveiling the potent practice of Kunda Dance ignited another transformative spark within me, lighting the way to a profound second purpose. My deepest gratitude to Maya Fiennes, whose "Journey of the Chakra" DVDs sparked my yogic journey, and later, the guidance of Imagine Academy's 200-hour YTT in Zurich. Witnessing the mind-body-spirit synergy of Kunda Dance, I naturally embraced becoming a teacher myself. Today, I'm deeply grateful to share these transformative practices with others, carrying the torch lit by Maya's vision.

  • Qualified Level 4 Divine Empowerment Healer

The discovery of Antonia Harmann's potent Divine Empowerment Healing method beautifully complemented my existing sound healing practice. I'm deeply grateful to Antonia for her teachings and the transformative power she's shared. This swift and effective method now enhances my sound sessions, offering an additional layer of empowerment and healing for my clients. Sharing Antonia's work alongside my sound vibrations allows me to provide a truly holistic and multifaceted healing experience.

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