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Hello and welcome,

My name is Ngara and I am a New Zealand Maori Mama of two living in Switzerland, dividing my time between here and Norway.  The opportunity sharing in the uplifting and healing frequencies of sound and vibration. Facilitating one who feels the desire to connect deeply to self with these profound modalities of Biofield Tuning and Kunda Dance finely tuned to the energy of my Maori roots.

I spent 32 years traveling and living in various countries learning and perfecting the art of hairdressing through many talented souls and connecting with humans heart to heart.  It gave many opportunities to work with some incredible teams in salons, NZ competitions, London Fashion Weeks, New York Fashion Week, L'oreal NZ Shows, and as a Kevin Murphy educator in Switzerland.

Being in service as a hairdresser my first purpose was rewarding but I knew I had to go deeper with the people.  I didn't want to make them just look beautiful on the outside I wanted them to feel and experience their beauty and light in every fiber of their being. Facilitating people to heal so they could dust off and reveal their soul vibration and essence. That was when my second higher purpose presented itself.

During the pandemic like so many it was an opportunity to learn new things and I luckily stumbled across Eileen McKusicks book 'Tuning the Human Biofield' and Maya Fiennes Kunda Dance class they resonated so deeply I put my faith in God and my guides and surrendered to what I am here to do for this part of my life. It was only possible because I had finally cleaned and cleared all my emotional, mental and physical trauma. 

Electric Unity was born during deep meditation and it is constantly evolving as our journey does.  It has found it's place where it truly belongs uniting as many on their journey mind, body and soul. Allowing one to really experience an electric life.

If you're ready to unite mind, body and soul in these holistic practices reach out for a chat I would love to hear from you.

  • Qualified Biofield Tuning Practioner

I am honoured to have an even higher second purpose in life through this very profound modality.  Thank you Eileen McKusick and to all my teachers at Biofield Tuning especially Suzanne Offurtt. I am in service with your work and the work of God.

  • Qualified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Kunda Dance Teacher

I am a dedicated practicing Kundalini yogi since 2011 which began with Maya Fiennes Journey of the Chakra DVDs.  Qualified 200 hr YTT with Imagine Academy in Zurich in 2016.  It was a natural fit to also become a Kunda Dance Teacher when Maya created this incredible system for mind, body and spirit. I am grateful to Maya Fiennes for these incredible practices and to share with others. Thank you.

  • Qualified Level 4 Divine Empowerment Healer

This is a very fast and effective method of healing created by Antonia Harmann

I loved this method and grateful for Antonia's teachings

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