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I was lucky enough to be a part of one of Ngara’s courses and it was a beautiful experience. I really felt the benefits of her work mentally and physically after just one week into the course! 🧡 I highly recommend Ngara’s magical work x


I met Ngara 1 year ago, through a mutual friend. I remember feeling relaxed sitting across from her during our first meeting at a dinner with other friends. But I didn't dare to say much to her or the others we were sitting with. I've always been shy, and that has never helped me to have good conversations with others. From experience, I've felt that I haven't been listened to, and it's something I've struggled with since I was a child.

I eventually tried some of Ngara's treatments with the tuning forks and had a wow experience. I had an awakening on several things. I felt that I became more familiar with myself, more confident in myself, more satisfied with myself. I took a couple more treatments, and I saw and felt that something positive was happening inside me.

I've been on a coaching & healing course with Ngara. It's been tough! Very tough! Because it was about going deep inside yourself, feeling emotions that you don't want. Anger, hatred, frustration and, not least, pent-up grief and loneliness. When you're used to shutting all these emotions inside you, it gets a bit messy, and when you've learnt since you were a child that you're not heard, and no matter how many times you try to raise your voice and are rejected, you eventually become silent. And this is something you take into adulthood as well. And you end up carrying all the words inside you. The words you so desperately need to express. And in the end, those words are expressed with anger when you finally dare to express them. And unfortunately, it turns out so wrong. And you sit there, feeling that you've made a mistake again. And become silent again.

During these coaching sessions with Ngara, I was both seen and heard, and was able to explain what I really feel. And Ngara, the most beautiful Ngara. She is very skilful and has an ability to understand what you say and feel, and she is very intuitive. She is very good at explaining why things are the way they are and have been. The reason why we react the way we do in certain situations. It's a lot about patterns that we have inherited from our ancestors. And patterns we have brought with us from childhood and youth. Patterns that can be destructive to oneself.

In these seven weeks out of eight we've now been working, I've felt that I've gained even more confidence in myself, more joy, talking a little more, expressing myself in a different way. Even though I am by nature a quiet and calm person. I am very grateful that Ngara came into my life, and most likely at the right time for me.

She is unique as a coach, unique in her way of understanding people in their entirety. She is warm, funny, and has a fantastic passion in everything she does. And I am very grateful that I took this challenge to stay on this journey here I highly recommend Ngara, I believe that I have never met such a nice and yet so safe and fair human being as she is. And she is an amazing Kundalini dance teacher too💛


Ngara is a truly unique healer, yoga teacher and a bright and beautifully positive person. From the very first moment I met her, she immediately put me at ease, gave me incredible guidance, made me laugh and offered me her unique perspective which helped me see the wonderful side of life. Five years on I am so grateful I met Ngara; she’s had such a positive impact on my life, has been key to me growing in confidence, happiness and wholeness and she is a true guiding light and inspiration to me. Her sessions are always powerful and transformative and I cannot recommend trying them highly enough even if you’re totally new to this modality. I’ve recommended Ngara’s sessions and classes to all my friends and everyone who’s given it a go raves about their experience! Book in now while you still can because I’m pretty sure one day this amazing woman is going to be famous!


Having Ngara as my healer is an absolute game-changer. I started working with her to release blockages around my self-worth and better understand what I wanted out of my business and life. I felt stuck and living up to my full potential. Not only was Ngara able to release deeply routed blockages, but continues to support me in keeping my energy high. I can finally show up as my best self for me, my loved ones and my clients. I have a thriving business and am enjoying life to the fullest.


I had a pleasure of meeting Ngara through a friend of mine. Her calmness and light was visible from a far and I wished I can be as calm, happy and content as she is. And to be honest, there was no reason why I shouldn’t - I have everything I could possibly want in life. It was her who thought me to walk the path of light, to transform my whole being and to channel all the energy I already have in me to help me be the best version of myself. These days I go to work happy, my baby doesn’t make me anxious, the world is not making me feel depressed... I know everything is exactly as if should be and every day is a blessing. I am eternally grateful to Ngara for guiding me to my true self ❤️🙏💫

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