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Once you've booked your Electric Unity Tuning appointment, it's essential to review the following information for a smooth and beneficial experience:

1. Essential Information:

  • Learn more about Electric Unity Tuning and its potential benefits blow in the docutments folder title ESSENTIAL TREATMENT INFORMATION. 

2. Aftercare Tips:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day and following your session to facilitate detoxification.

  • Allow yourself time for rest and relaxation, both physically and mentally.

  • Notice any shifts or changes in your energy levels, emotions, or thoughts, and journal them down if desired.

  • Be kind and patient with yourself as your body integrates the effects of the therapy.

  • For more tips please read the TREATMENT AFTERCARE document below.

3. Disclaimer:

Please review and understand the DISCLAIMER document below regarding Electric Unity Tuning Treatments before your session.

4. Home Rebalancing:

  • To learn more about this please read the documents HOME REBALANCING ESSENTIAL INFORMATION & PREPERATION.


By booking your appointment, you acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined above.

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