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Move to the rhythm of your chakras

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Take a journey through your 7 chakras for 7 days. Get daily info on one chakra each day of the week. Which food helps support that chakra, which body parts and organs correspond to each chakra and what blocks each chakra and how to bring it into balance? This is just a brief introduction to the chakras as the Electric Life Path is a unique combination based on the teachings of BIOFIELD TUNING & KUNDA which is rich in the connection to the body and chakra system. It is important for you to have some basic knowledge so you can understand how this all works and how everything is connected. Chakras are energetic centres in the body that store and circulate energy. The first three chakras are known as the Lower Triangle. The fifth, sixth and seventh chakras are known as the Upper Triangle. The fourth chakra, being the Heart Chakra, is the balance between them. It is the centrepiece chakra, the bridge where the shift happens. The first five chakras are associated with the elements earth, water, fire, air, and ether, while six and seven correspond to the subtle realm. Each chakra resonates to a different frequency and a different colour. They also relate to different emotions and feelings at the hub then also with a difference in the feminine yin energy (left side of the body) and the masculine yang energy (right side of the body). For more information about the Electric Life Path contact

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